Five things that made me happy today – 8/17/20

Let’s take courage from the examples of those women and men who have it the hardest as well as the ones who came before, who endured war and famine, and pestilence with resolve and character.

Rocky Supinger

1. I was reminded this morning that last year on this date was the first time we visited the Watters Minor in Kennewick. Spent Thanksgiving there last year, and that’s the last time we saw them in person. Golly, there has been a change in our lives. This photo is of all of us eating dinner in Richland on the banks of the Columbia River one year ago today.

2. I had my annual Medicare physical this morning. I’ve lost 2 pounds in a year (I think I had lost more, but then COVID-19…). The doctor seemed to be pleased with my physical shape, and he gave me a referral to dermatology to check on the spots I keep getting on my face from wearing a mask. He also looked at my ankle and agreed that I had damaged my Achilles tendon, but said there wasn’t anything he could really do for me unless it got significantly worse. If it does get worse, he may send me to physical therapy.

3. Part of the exam is a cognitive test. There are 5 levels – they don’t tell you that ahead of time – but they give you little memory problems to solve. Once you get everything right, the test is over, but if you have a problem, they give you another problem to solve. The nurse and I were laughing over tRump bragging that he had gotten to the fifth level and he got everything at that level correct. Level 5 is significant cognitive impairment. Be afraid – be very afraid…

4. Laundry is all done – washed, dried, folded and hung up.

5. Driveway Happy Hour today, followed by Gazebo Group on Zoom. Two opportunities to enjoy neighbors in a socially distanced way.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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