Five things that made me happy today – 8/20/20

…when we vote, things change. When we vote, things get better…

Kamala Harris

1. I woke up to 60 deg. and a promise that it wouldn’t get above 70 before mid-afternoon. WRONG. As I was on my way to the commissary at 9 am the car thermometer showed 72 deg. 77 deg. and cloudy by the time I got home at noon. It’s supposed do get cooler later in the evening, but no evidence of it as yet. <sigh>

2. I went to the commissary and did the shopping for the next six weeks getting things and brands I can’t get at Safeway or Trader Joe’s. Big jars of Del Monte grapefruit sections – no sugar added.

Polaner’s sugar free jams and preserves with extra fiber.

Fortunately they had both of those items. Unfortunately they seem to have quit carrying PF Chang’s Home Menu frozen items.

p.s. Masks are HOT when the store is expecting cool temperatures outside and the inside AC hasn’t caught up with the rising outside temperatures.

3. I was worn out by the time I finished wandering the aisles, so I stopped on the way home and picked up Taco Bell tacos for Big Al and KFC Fried Chicken for me.

4. I got the car unloaded and then staggered over to the Wellness Center and rode the NuStep to finish out my steps for the day. My FitBit says it’s updating. I hope it gets all of its little problems taken care of in the update.

p.p.s. Masks are REALLY HOT when you’re exercising.

5. I’ve been really pleased with the inclusivity at the Democratic Convention. I have appreciated the tone so far – although I wish there had been more than a passing mention of Jews and Muslims, and more emphasis on Indigenous people and their contributions to the nation. The Obamas have certainly taken their place in history and are able to speak with authority about the current state of affairs.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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