Five things that made me happy today – 8/21/20

Things that get scheduled are the things that matter.

Hugh Hollowell

1. Gentle rain this morning, and misty the rest of the day. It feels like summer is over and fall has arrived. (I wrote this on this date last year. Spooky, because that’s exactly what it is today.)

2. I checked the weather (66 deg.) right before breakfast, and looked at the radar. It showed there should be a window of opportunity for a walk about 10:00 am whereas at 11:00 (my usual walking in the morning time) it was supposed to be raining. So I put off drinking my tea and eating my toast until after I got home from my walk. WRONG. I got caught in three showers and had to take refuge in one or other of the gazebos so I didn’t get soaked.

3. Lunch was ham, fresh green beans (the last from the garden) and corn on the cob that I got at the commissary yesterday. Good summer dinner, even if it was cool and rainy.

4. Based on the radar, I decided to take the car over to the Wellness Center to get the rest of my steps for today. I’m glad I did, because right on time at 2:00 pm here came the rain, and a really cool breeze. I was glad I wasn’t caught out in it again.

5. Ice Cream delivery this afternoon. We never know exactly what we’re going to be getting, but we hit the jackpot again today. Blue Bunny Vanilla Cones (better known in my part of the woods as a drumstick).

How about you? What made you happy today?

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