Five things that made me happy today – 8/27/20

Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all the people.

Harry S. Truman

1. Nice weather again. I’m praying for all the folks all over the country who are affected by the current set of weather horrors – fires in the West from dry lightening, the lingering effects of the derecho in Iowa, the hurricanes in the South, and Alaska melting in front of our eyes. Not to mention the pandemic.

2. Good walk this morning. Stopped by the garden, but no more tomatoes are ripe yet. I finished off my steps after lunch in the Wellness Center.

3. I had gotten several tomatoes at the store last week when I thought I was going to have to eat “soft” food for a while. It turned out I healed really quickly and I’ve been eating whatever I wanted. I still had two tomatoes left so I fixed tuna fish salad for lunch today. It’s also a favorite with Big Al – plenty of happy campers over lunch today.

4. The suet feeder I ordered from Duncraft came today and I replaced the old feeder that had been well chewed by squirrels. I hope the flickers like it. I did see a Stellar jay exploring it. A flock of goldfinches are squabbling over the seed in the feeder next door, but they seem to be ignoring my feeder. They’ve got sunflower seeds over there, while my food is mixed seeds – picky little stinkers.

5. Mama deer and her twin fawns have been exploring far and wide today. They came through my backyard about 10:00 am, and I just saw them strolling up the road when I was on my way to pick up a mocha at Starbucks. They have no fear, but mama seems to understand that she has to stay in the bicycle lane.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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