Past the Point of Disappointment – Cold Anger, Now

I’ve held my tongue (and pen) for the most part about the awful excuse for a human being who is currently sitting in the White House.

As the wife of a 20-year Air Force Officer who served during the war in Vietnam, and the daughter of an Army Captain who served in Europe during World War II, I am personally insulted by the remarks made by Donald J. Trump, draft dodger, imposter, and general poor excuse for a human being.

My husband lost the opportunity to bond with either of our sons until they were half grown, because just as he was getting to know them, and get comfortable with them he would be sent on either a remote assignment, or a long-term temporary assignment. He did it because he felt a call to service to his country. I know he still regrets the lost years.

My father was in Europe when I was born because he was serving in the Army during WWII. He never saw, met or held me until I was 2 years old. I know he missed those years. His brother was a Naval Officer during that war who left a school-age son at home with his wife..

Neither of my grandfathers served because they were both married with children during World War I. My husband had two great-uncles who he never met because one was killed during WWI from a gas attack, and the other died of influenza with the underlying cause of the damage done to his lungs during the same gas attack.

None of these men were losers. None of these men were stupid. None of these men deserved anything except our full-throated appreciation for the years with their families they lost.

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