Five things that made me happy today – 9/10/20

…joy and laughter are essential for building the superpower of resilience…

Ari Honarvar

1. Still smoky this morning, but it doesn’t smell as bad (or maybe I’ve just gotten used to the odor). 55 deg. this morning, 88 deg. this afternoon. The air quality alert has been moved from HIGH danger to WARNING.

2. I met with my personal trainer this morning – we still can’t do training, but she worked up a HIIT routine for me to do on my own that, hopefully, will begin to get me back to decent core and balance status.

3. I fixed tuna fish for sandwiches for lunch today. It’s hot enough that I didn’t want to cook and Big Al wasn’t upset. We both like tuna sandwiches.

4. My sister in Arkansas/Texas is doing “Kick-Ass Grandparenting”. Her granddaughter is 8-years-old and doing on-line school. Her parents both work, so my sister is re-learning English, and grammar, etc. Her kids were grown before the beginning of “Common Core”, so she’s doing her best. šŸ˜‰

5. I’m going to a 97th Birthday Party on Zoom for one of my friends from our time in the Air Force. She lives in Florida and I live in Washington State, but I get to go to her birthday party compliments of technology. (Happy Birthday, Annie Old Girl)

How about you? What made you happy today?

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