Five things that made me happy today – 10/7/20

If we do our part, if we stand together, if we keep faith with the past and with each other, then the divisions of our time can give way to the dreams of a brighter, better, future.

Joe Biden

1. Another grey, gloomy day. So Northwest. Barely made it out of the 50s.

2. We had another class on Creative NonFiction today. They liked Peter Potato, but I need to make him more likeable – maybe I’ll try some broad comedy. I threw in a couple of wink, wink, nudge, nudge jokes. I’ve never tried to write comedy before – so it will be a new experience.

3. Because the class was from 10:00-noon, I didn’t have an opportunity to do much about lunch. I had Big Al’s leftover Princess Snow Pea from Sunday, and he had some leftover macaroni and cheese with ground beef that he made last week.

4. I didn’t get any walk this morning, but I finished off my steps at the Wellness Center on the NuStep.

5. A blogger friend of mine said this today,

Candles have been companions to worried people for a long time. They doesn’t ask for much. They put out light, warmth, kindness, maybe hope. That little flicker is known all over the world as a prayer without words when the hope is too fragile, or times are too heavy. Or. When the imagination is too rusty and life is too rigid to conceive of another way, words don’t work. I can light a single candle. I don’t even have to know why. It helps. And I’m grateful.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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