Five things that made me happy today – 10/8/20

Compassion isn’t a principle, but a practice, arising out of the recognition of our own complexities and contradictions.

Tom Eggebeen

1. It was cold and cloudy when i got up this morning, but the sun had come out by the time we finished breakfast. It was up to the mid 60s by the time I finished all my outdoor activities for the day.

2. Nice walk this morning, on the way to the Wellness Center where I did my strength and balance exercises. These flowers had bloomed since the last time I walked through the garden.

3. Lunch was pork chops, stuffing, cinnamon applesauce and black-eyed peas. Big Al had leftover macaroni and cheese instead of the black-eyed peas.

4. After lunch, I returned to the Wellness Center to finish off my steps and watch HCR’s chat for today. It’s her birthday, so she talked about things she wanted to talk about. It turned out she wanted to refute Sen. Mike Lee’s (Utah (R)) tweet from early this morning, “Democracy isn’t the objective; liberty, peace, and prospefity are. We want the human condition to flourish. Rank democracy can thwart that.” If I’ve piqued your interest, watch her chat that aired on Facebook Live this morning at 10:00 PDT.

5. I think I’ve said before that there are a lot of OLD, half-dead trees behind our house on the other side of the fence. When the wind blows and it storms, I pray that none of them try to get in bed with me. Yesterday, our landscapers took down one that was at least 50′ tall. Big Al and I got a lot of nail-biting entertainment watching them do cuts, and hook up ropes, and finally saw through the last bit. It fell between our house and a stone wall in the only place it could have without damaging anything. I was impressed.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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