Five things that made me happy today – 10/29/20

…we are out of time on the clock. The US Government, and the world, have done far too little on climate change, and so now we must move far faster than is comfortable or convenient.

Bill McKibben

1. Much warmer overnight – low was in the lower 50s which is where the high has been for the last couple of days. Warmed up to almost 60 by mid afternoon.

2. Because it was nice, I took a longer walk this morning before heading to the Wellness Center to do my strength and balance exercises.

3. I stopped by the garden and pulled up all the basil. It had bolted so it probably wouldn’t have tasted like anything. I also gathered a couple of little tomatoes that had fallen off in the cold. I left the tomato plants in place because there are still a few tomatoes on them, but I’m pretty sure they won’t ripen.

4. Lunch was pork chops, cinnamon applesauce, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes. Finally got back to a “normal” meal – meat, veggie, and starch. My mama would have a fit if she could see what I often serve for dinner.

5. Finished off my steps for the day at the Wellness Center on the NuStep while I listened to HCR reassure me that no matter what happens in the election, American democracy will survive – maybe not this year, but eventually.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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