Five things that made me happy today – 11/6/20

Democracy is worth waiting for and, if necessary, worth fighting for. 

Sandy Ovalle

1. The rain continued through the night and it was 45 deg. when I got up this morning. The sun came out shortly before noon, but it didn’t warm up much, if at all. The high today was 50, but the cold wind continued to blow, so it wasn’t very comfortable. It looked pretty outside, but it didn’t feel great.

2. The wind and the rain has taken care of most of the leaves on my once proud bright, shining tree. <<Sigh>>

3. I got the first of my “scenes” written for the Creative Writing rewrite I’m working on.

4. Al had kind of a sour stomach yesterday, so he didn’t want much for lunch. He fixed himself some macaroni and cheese, and I made myself a ham and cheese sandwich.

5. Still sitting on pins and needles about the outcome of the election, but I’m feeling more hopeful every day. I worked out my angst at the Wellness Center on the NuStep since it was too cool to walk comfortably.

How about you? What made you happy today.

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