Five things that made me happy today – 11/14/20

The antidote for exhaustion is not rest. The antidote for exhaustion is whole-heartedness.

Brother David Steindl-Ras

1. It was 42 deg. first thing this morning, but there was a hint of clearing over the Cascades. By 3:00 this afternoon it was raining and in the high 40s.

2. I went to the hospital this morning to see Big Al before breakfast so I could be sure to talk to the doctor. He finally turned up about 10:00 and said Al would be discharged today. I lost it because he was still having irregular oxygen rates and all kinds of things. The MD said I had a right to protest to Medicare but I needed to talk to the Patient Care Manager. He finally turned up an hour later.

3. By that time, besides being irritated with the hurry up and wait attitude, I was starving so Bill brought me a mocha and a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. That saved my life. I don’t know what I would have done without him today. I also was able to talk to my sister and niece (the nurse practitioner) and they reassured me that it would be okay if I got set up with oxygen at home before he got there.

4. I went back to Al’s room and FINALLY one of the guys from Al’s pulmonologist’s office turned up and convinced me that it would be okay. It’s hard when you’re not sure that the charge doctor for the floor (who I know is trying to deal with 15 or 20 patients) is very familiar with your husband’s chart.

5. I finally realized that the one of reasons they were trying get him discharged was because the governor is shutting down everything again because of the rise of COVID. So I’m glad to get him home tomorrow before he’s stuck in the hospital and I can’t even visit.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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