Five things that made me happy today – 11/23/20

Tomorrow belongs to those of us who conceive of it as belonging to everyone; who lend the best of ourselves to it, and with joy.

Audre Lorde

1. It was in the mid 40s and cloudy when I got up this morning. I took advantage of a break in the clouds and took a walk before lunch. Pretty cold, but doable. I’m trying my best to get out whenever possible since I no longer have the Wellness Center to fall back on for exercise.

2. I ordered our Thanksgiving Dinners from the dining room. I got one ham and one turkey, and all the trimmings, veggies, deserts, etc. I think it will be a nice spread.

3. We had soup and sandwiches for lunch between visits from the Home Health RN, and the Home Health OT. The OT tested him moving around without oxygen, and he did okay. She also taught him how to practice breathing through his nose instead of his mouth.

4. After the OT left, Big Al went in and took a nap in the chair in front of the TV. While he was napping, the doorbell rang, and he got an “Edible Bouquet” from his sister-in-law. It seems to be all fruit, so that’s really good for him.

5. We’ll be doing Gazebo Group on Zoom this evening. It’s always good to see them, even if it’s only virtually.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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