Five things that made me happy today – 12/16/20

There is more that I can do to help bend the arc toward a more just and equitable world. And I will do my part. But for just a little while, I’m going to try and rest. 

Rev. Terri C. Pilarski

1. It was mid 40s and cloudy this morning. About noon the heavens opened up and it’s been pouring since then. I guess I shouldn’t complain – I see my son and family near Chicago and my sister and family in upstate New York are dealing with “Satan’s dandruff.”

2. This morning, I drove to Safeway and picked up the order I made. They had everything on my list except oranges(?) and a grapefruit(?) I guess folks wanted everything they had for stockings. I can live with that, because we just wanted them out of nostalgia. They also didn’t have All Laundry Detergent – except with Oxi. I’m not a fan of Oxi, so I guess I’ll either see if I can get it next week or if I can get it from Amazon.

3. I fixed the soup of the week – Corn and Ham chowder for lunch. Bear Creek Creamy Potato Soup, two cans of Green Giant Niblets corn, and a package of chopped ham. I frizzled up some bacon pieces and sprinkled them over the top. Very satisfactory of a cold, damp day.

4. 10 Days of Merriment today is Candy Cane Lane. Peppermints say Christmas to me. We each got a plastic tumbler with peppermints inside. They will be very useful if we can ever go anywhere again because they have a top that seals pretty well. Mine is the clear one that says “Merry and Bright” and Al’s is the green one that says “Let it Snow”. Our drink today was hot chocolate, either with or without Bailey’s.

5. The nurse came to do an evaluation on Al. He’s doing as well as can be expected, but he still has to use the walker and oxygen. He’s only been on Eliquis for about a month, so we can’t expect miracles. The fact that he’s alive and getting better is a miracle in and of itself.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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