Five things that made me happy today – 12/25/20

The things we yearn for – the end of racism and white supremacy, the end of poverty, the end of oppression, the end of addiction, the end of homelessness, the end of homo/transphobia, the end of all things that diminish and destroy – these don’t come magically. Thoughts and prayers don’t make these things happen. Justice comes when God’s people stop waiting and get to work turning themselves around. 

Debra Avery

1. It was 40 deg. and drizzly this morning. The rain started in earnest about mid morning and continued the rest of the day. Still 40 deg.

2. Merry Christmas! It’s a very low key Christmas this year. We had breakfast with real grapefruit, and sausage and eggs, and cinnamon rolls.

3. We opened presents that were heavy on the chocolate, nuts, Oregon T-shirts, books and DVDs. I got a couple of decorative things that go on trees that look like cardinals. I’ve been missing them, so that’s great. I’m seriously going to need an intervention with all these chocolate-covered nuts around, not to mention the BIG Whitman’s Sampler and the SIX!!! Toblerones.

4. We had our Christmas Dinner delivered from the dining room here at FTJ. Shrimp cocktail, I had cranberry walnut stuffed pork, and Al had chicken cordon bleu. There was golden rice pilaf, green beans, orange-roasted butternut squash, and crème de menthe pie. Our 7-year tradition of eating Christmas dinner at the Lobster Shop has come to an end, but this was an acceptable substitute.

shrimp cocktail and salad
my dinner with stuffed pork loin
Al’s dinner with chicken cordon bleu
Crème de menthe pie

5. We’ve talked and/or texted with both sons, my sisters and my brother, and Al’s sister-in-law, and sister. Nice to have the family connections across the miles.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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