Five things that made me happy today – 2/26/21

I have seen women looking at jewelry ads with a misty eye and one hand resting on the heart, and I only know what they’re feeling because that’s how I read the seed catalogs in February.

Barbara Kingsolver

1. It was 39 deg and clearing when I got up this morning. It got up to 50 under mostly sunny skies by mid afternoon.

2. I THINK spring is coming. You couldn’t tell it by the temperature, but the sun is getting up earlier, and going to bed later. There’s a green haze around the trees. Jonquils are up and blooming outside my front door. The purple finches are dressed up for mating. There’s always at least one set of squirrels chasing each other across the yard and through the branches of the trees.

3. Red beans and rice with Lil Smokies for lunch today. Fine lunch.

4. One of my friends on social media said she had just gotten her first “Fauci ouchy”. I’ve never heard the vaccine called that before but it’s a great name for it.

5. Headed to the Wellness Center to work out. I have hopes of seeing a couple of Eagles today. When the sky is blue and it’s not too cold I often see them circling over the park.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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