Five things that made me happy today – 3/24/21

The poor tell us who we are. The prophets tell us who we can be. So we hide the poor and kill the prophets.

Gregory Jerome Bentley

1. It was in the low 40s and blustery when I woke up this morning. The wind seems to really be blowing the pollen around. (sniff) The rain started just after breakfast when I got in the car to pick up groceries from Safeway. Once again I was really happy that all I had to do was call and some kind soul brought them out and put them in the trunk. It rain sporadically all day and never warmed up.

2. I listened to a fascinating story on NPR at lunchtime about the velella velella or by-the-wind sailors. It’s a species of jelly fish that, in rare years, litter the beaches on the West Coast. Their habitat is the top 6-9 inches of the ocean and they travel around propelled by their sails. There has been a study for the last 10-15 years on statistics collected by the general public to figure out why they sometimes come ashore, but usually stay at sea. The scientists have discovered that they come ashore when the summer has been really warm. So I guess we won’t see them this year.

3. I fixed little pizzas on tortillas for lunch today. Big Al had an on-line safety class about ventilation in hospitals that stated at 11:00 and ran over, so the little pizzas were great for “cook ’em when you want ’em”.

4. I continue to peripherally follow March Madness. The Oregon Ducks are still in the dance and made it to the round of 16.

5. I’m really enjoying my MasterClass with Paul Krugman. He makes sense of Economics the same way HCR makes sense of history. And there’s lots of overlap on the things they say.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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