Five things that made me happy today – 3/29/19 (Remembered)

1. Went to Joint Base Lewis-McChord and got my ID card renewed. I’m legal on base for another 5 years. Unfortunately, my old one was going to expire on April 15th, so I couldn’t wait until August when I turn 75, and I could get a permanent one with no expiration. We were afraid it would take forever, but we got in to see the Sgt in less than 5 min.

2. The Sgt laminated all our cards for us – our Medicare cards, and Al’s Golden Eagle Pass that gets us into all the national parks. It was getting really frayed.

3. Got all our groceries in record time (thank goodness, because Big Al’s back was fussing at him from walking a lot at Pass and ID.)

4. Tried out the new restaurant in our neighborhood, OddFellows. It was pretty good. There’s a really extensive menu and decent pricing.

5. Opened my can of WSU Viking Cheese with garlic and dill. It was nice. It was a little hard to get out of the can at first, but I finally figured out the trick, and it’s now resting happily in my refrigerator in little plastic containers that we’ve had for a long time.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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