Five things that made me happy today – 5/21/19 (Remembered)

NOTE: (I may have trouble finding 5 things today. I had a recurrence of my hernia problems yesterday evening and today, but…)

1. Big Al willingly drove me to the emergency room at 9:30 pm yesterday.

2. The attending physician last night in the emergency department was kind and carrying, and was able to once again reduce the hernia externally.

3. Emergency was not crowded and they were able to deal with me in a very timely manner. 4 hours from walking in the door to departure.

4. Once again, morphine to the rescue.

5. I’ve been able to reduce the hernia myself, several times today. I finally gave up and spent the afternoon lying very still in bed. (Not happy, I’ve not been able to connect with a surgeon, even though the hernia is slipping out every time I stand up.)

How about you? Were you able to find the silver linings in your problems?

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