Five things that made me happy today – 5/30/21

Chaos does not have to destroy us. The old world is certainly dying, but the shape of the new world struggling to be born is not yet determined.

Heather Cox Richardson

1. Mid 50s and hazy when I got up. It managed to be 70 deg. late in the afternoon after the sun came out. I had originally planned to sit on the back porch in the sun, but it was too cool to stay outside for long.

2. The fawns have been born and are out running around. One came bouncing down the fence line as I was drinking my tea. He didn’t look like he knew where his Mama was, but then he turned around and bounded back the way he came. They are so cute, but especially destructive to my flowers and bushes because they don’t know what they like and don’t like yet – so they taste everything and then spit it out.

3. Nice church service (still on Facebook Live) this morning. I have a love/hate relationship with worship service on Memorial Day weekend. Too often the preacher and/or the other congregants focus on the “sacrifice” for those who died, or on the evil of war in the first place. As the wife of an Air Force Officer and the daughter of an Army officer, I think there must be some middle ground between hero worship and hero rejection. The preacher did a good job of walking the line between them this morning.

4. Big Al and I went to Joseppi’s Italian Restaurant for dinner today. I had seafood fettuccini and Al had pasta with meat sauce. This is the first time we’ve been back since the beginning of the pandemic and we wondered if they were even open. They WERE and we enjoyed every mouthful.

5. I got the begonias planted after we got home. They look happy in their new pots.

Maybe I can talk Big Al into going to Watson’s later in the week to buy some decent looking containers for the dianthus.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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