Five things that made me happy today – 7/8/21

If I understand that “race” is a human-made social construct which considers some people to be superior and some to be inferior and you believe that race is a God-given designation to divide human beings into different castes – then we have a problem.

Jan Edmiston

1. Still cool overnight – 55 deg and cloudy when I woke up this morning. The clouds burned off shortly after noon and it was 72 deg by evening.

2. I spent the morning continuing to clear out my Outlook. It is a process. I cant’s spend more than a couple of hours at a time messing with it.

3. Pork chops, cinnamon applesauce, boiled potato and leftover barbecue beans for lunch.

4. I listened to HCR during my Wellness Center time. She was talking about how the meaning of the word “conservative” has changed through the years. Very interesting. I love listening to her as I work out. I accidentally learn something while exercising.

5. After I got home from the Wellness Center, I cleaned off my desk and began throwing away magazines and papers that seem to reproduce and accumulate if I’m not super careful about throwing stuff away. I’ve decided that I really don’t need to keep things after I’ve read them or acted on whatever the request was. It’s not like I can’t get it all again on line. Why should I save papers?

How about you? What made you happy today?

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