Five things that made me happy today – 7/29/21

Detachment doesn’t mean you should own nothing It means nothing should own you.


1. A really pretty day. High-50s this morning early, with birds singing in the trees behind the house. Mid-80s this afternoon, but still pleasant if you were in the shade.

2. Safeway pick-up after breakfast. Didn’t need much but I was out of wine, so I included 6 bottles of chateau screw-top in my order. Food is noticeably more expensive this summer. But by the same token, we were eating out three or four times a week before the pandemic, now it’s only on Sunday, or the rare occasion when we have to be out and about at lunch time.

3. A big surprise about my grocery order was that Safeway didn’t have any Yukon Gold or small red potatoes. Last year they were giving them away – now they are in really short supply. Funky weather seems to be the problem. I’ll try the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and hopefully can get some grown locally.

4. We had several things going on between noon and 3:00 so we opted to do personal sandwiches or salads for lunch today. I fixed krab salad to put on crackers and sliced tomatoes for my lunch. Big Al fixed a sandwich for himself.

5. We met with the supervisor for the housekeepers today to arrange to have some more extensive cleaning done – tops of doors, tops of cabinets, inside window washing, clean the oven, chase the cobwebs in the garage, etc. The stuff that gets pushed aside in regular housekeeping. We haven’t had it done for about 5 years, and it’s time.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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