Five things that made me happy today – 8/3/21

I wonder if there’s a margarita out there somewhere thinking about me too.


1. High 50s overnight – clear with high clouds/smoke. The AQI is still in the GOOD range – so the smoke isn’t affecting us at the surface. Low 80s this afternoon – still with high smoke/clouds, so not too sunny.

2. We arranged to have the insides of the windows washed, the rug spot cleaned in front of our chairs, the oven cleaned, the baseboards washed, the cobwebs in the garage chased away and the floor in the garage swept. We paid extra for that, but it’s been 6 or 7 years since we’ve had all that done. It was time and lots of it involved either crawling on the floor or standing on ladders – neither of which the two of us are comfortable doing. Sean, the fellow who keeps all the rugs and floors in all the buildings in good shape did all the heavy cleaning.

3. We had hot dogs with buns for lunch, because I didn’t have time to cook anything with Sean and the housekeepers here.

4. The housekeepers did all the regular cleaning – so I have clean sheets on the beds, swept and vacuumed rugs and floors, clean bathrooms and clean kitchen. Between Sean and the housekeepers, we should be good for another year and a half, when we are scheduled for a refresh of carpets, paint, etc.

5. Greisser Girls Gab this afternoon, and after watching all the work that went on in the house this morning, I was ready to fix a wine cooler and put my feet up.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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