Five things that made me happy today – 8/4/21

Right might not be expedient, it may not be profitable but it will satisfy your soul.

Maya Angelou

1. The blue skies are back. I guess the upper level winds have finally blown the smoke away for the time being. 60 deg this morning. It got into the mid 80s this afternoon. It’s still nice in the house, but it will probably get pretty warm this evening. At least the air conditioning will kick in before it gets too hot.

2. I tried the Wednesday New York Times crossword puzzle this morning and I was able to finish it with just a couple of hints. I need to do that more often to try to keep my brain sharp. I’ve done three Monday puzzles in a row with no hints, but I guess I got delusions of grandeur.

3. Big Al found new brand for frozen Chinese food instead of PF Chang’s. Aqua Star has several recipe kits, including Sweet and Sour Shrimp. I fixed that for lunch today and it was really good.

4. I went over to the Wellness Center for my last (for a while) appointment with Sarah – my personal trainer. They are busy getting ready to welcome community members back to the Wellness Center, so she’s super busy. We worked on balance and then took a fairly long walk around campus. I completed the day with a session on the NuStep. Whew!

5. I really enjoyed the Now and Then podcast from Heather Cox Richardson and Joanne Freeman. They were talking about the Olympics and reminded us that the modern Olympics originally were meant to advertise the country’s exceptionalism – as a marketing tool. They finished with comparing the way Simone Biles (as a Black woman) was treated with the ways the 200 meter winners in1968 were treated. In both cases, they were Black elite athletes, and, initially Biles was vilified as the sprinters were. Thankfully, we seem to have learned something in the ensuing 50+ years.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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