Five things that made me happy today – 8/17/21

Let’s take courage from the examples of those women and men who have it the hardest as well as the ones who came before, who endured war and famine, and pestilence with resolve and character.

Rocky Supringer

1. Back to more typical summer weather for the PNW – mid 50s and cloudy/foggy when I woke up. It was cool all day even after the sun came out at noon. It finally managed high 60s in the afternoon.

The eagle doesn’t have anything to do with anything, except I though you would enjoy seeing him flying free.

2. It was good to read a post from Nadia Bolz-Weber (on Facebook) reminding me that everybody is feeling overwhelmed with the constant flow of news on so many fronts from Afghanistan to Haiti to COVID, and more. We all need to be kind to ourselves and other people, because everybody is feeling the same way.

3. Then I listened to HCR and she said that, contrary to what we hear from all the pundits on TV, nobody really knows what’s going to happen in Afghanistan. President Biden has been interested in, and on top of International relations for forever, and he tried to get Obama to pull out of there as soon as we caught Osama Ben Laden. If you’re interested in hearing more, check out her “Politics Chat” on Facebook Live from today.

4. The housekeepers came today, and I have clean sheets on the beds, a clean kitchen, clean bathrooms, etc. That’s great!

5. The Greisser Girls Chat was this afternoon, only the New York sister wasn’t able to make it. The Arkansas sister and I solved all the problems of the world, including everything mentioned above, and Haiti’s problems. We’re trying to channel the Serenity Prayer.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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