Five things that made me happy today – 9/13/21

That itchy feeling of uncertainty is back, and it’s taken on a whole new fretful, nebulous shape, like a dense, dark cloud in an endlessly murky sky.

G. Daniela Galarza

1. Pretty morning with a bright orange sun just peeking through the clouds over the Cascades when I got up this morning – mid 50s. It only got up to the high 60s this afternoon, so I took a jacket to the Gazebo Group. I’m starting to see a touch of red/orange on the leaves of the trees and bushes.

2. Right after breakfast, I went down to Safeway and picked up my grocery order. Alas, they didn’t have my milk (no fat) or Big Al’s raisin bread for his toast. We’ll both live, but it’s sad. They did have everything else, including the Brussels sprouts that I roasted for lunch to go with a ham steak.

3. Whoo-hoo! I finished the Monday NYT Crossword Puzzle with no mistakes and no hints!

4. Al has been complaining about having lunch too soon after breakfast (because he refuses to wake up before 9;00) and I’ve been insisting because I like to have my afternoons free. Anyway, he won today, and I went to the Wellness Center shortly before noon, and then we had lunch closer to 2:30 than to noon.

5. I finished the laundry – all washed, dried, folded, and hung up before lunch. Then we had Gazebo Group this evening.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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