Five things that made me happy today – 9/15/21

The biggest waste of time is arguing with the fool and fanatic who doesn’t care about truth or reality, but only the victory of his beliefs and illusions.


1. It was in the mid 50s and cloudy when I got up. While I was drinking my tea, there was a short, but definite shower! Wet streets, and spots on the window, although there was no evidence of it on radar. I know there are some warm days still to come, but it feels like the weather is settling in for the “Big Dark”. It cleared off a little about noon, and managed to get up to the mid 60s.

2. Today was not a good day, for plans. I had planned to spend about an hour reading before getting on with my stuff. Alas, I just got settled when my Kinde told me it needed to be charged.

3. I went over to the Wellness Center, while Big Al went Brain Training and while I was there I did get to listen to my podcast. HCR and her friend were talking about the Texas anti-abortion bill. Very interesting.

4. I checked on the panel on my security system this morning, and found out that the reason my smoke alarm went out to nobody, is because there’s no WiFi hooked up to it. Nothing has registered since June 26, even though I have religiously set it every night. Maintenance is supposed to come look at it and see if anybody can figure out what’s wrong.

5. While I was at the Wellness Center, I ran a speed test on my iPhone and my iPad and discovered I was getting internet speeds that would have been better if they were sending the signal on a clothes line. So I spent a lot of time exploring options. Still no decisions, but I’m tired of this.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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