Five things that made me happy today – 10/7/21

If we do our part, if we stand together, if we keep faith with the past and with each other, then the divisions of our time can give way to the dreams of a brighter, better, future.

Joe Biden

1. Cold again this morning – 45 deg. It was cloudy, but it cleared off nicely while we were on our way to the commissary. It actually got to the mid 50s in the afternoon.

2. We had a successful trip to Joint Base Lewis-McChord and got all our groceries by 10:45. We got home about 11:15, and I carried bags in from the car while Big Al helped organize and put stuff away in the pantry, and refrigerator.

3. Lunch at Oddfellas. Big Al and I both had big sandwiches. He had French fries with his and I had Cole slaw with mine.

4. Then I trekked over to the Wellness Center to finish off my steps for the day, and listen to HCR to talk about “What is History, anyway?” It was very interesting and she talked about “What can you do with a degree in history other than teach?”

5. We had the Duplex Social this afternoon with hot cider and cute little snacks of an apple and caramel dipping sauce all done up with a bow.

How about you? What made you happy today?