Five things that made me happy today – 10/10/21

Time remorselessly rambles down the corridors and streets of our lives. but it is not until autumn that most of us become aware that our tickets are stamped with a terminal destination.

Joe L Wheeler

1. Cool, in the upper 40s, when I got up. There were wind and rain in the night, but it was clearing and still this morning. The day continued cloudy to partly cloudy with a high in the mid 50s.

2. Church was fun because we focussed on the variety of living things mentioned in the Bible – from bugs to snakes, to fish, to birds, to animals, to people. They all have their place in creation and our lives would be poorer without them.

3. We went to Boathouse 19 for dinner today. Big Al had a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. It was FAR from Campbell’s tomato soup – much more upscale and tasty, and the sandwich had a couple of different cheeses on Artisan bread. I had fried cod, coleslaw, and polenta. I love polenta, but that’s about the only place I can get it – and Al won’t eat it, and it’s too hard to make just a little bit for me (it doesn’t keep well).

4. The Cowboys played the Giants this afternoon. Epic rivalry! 3/4 of the way through the 4th Quarter, the Cowboys are winning handily.

Of course, we didn’t get to watch it because FOX, in their great wisdom, showed the Cardinals and 49ers. NOT HAPPY!!!! Growl, snarf, snarl…

5. I spent some time this afternoon making Bill’s Gumbo to put in the refrigerator and freezer for us to have through the next couple of weeks for lunch and/or supper. It takes a fair amount of time to do all the chopping and sautéing and stirring the roue, so it’s not something I can whip up between my morning activities and dinner. With a stash on ice, I can cook a half cup of rice while the gumbo heats up and have dinner on the table in a half ah hour.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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