Five things that made me happy today – 10/25/21

Routine keeps you from losing time. New and fulfilling experiences give it meaning.

Steven Johnson

1. The wind blew raindrops and leaves against the window all night long, and disturbed my sleep every time it blustered. 55 deg when I got up. There was little change in the temperature all day, although the sun came out and it cleared off around noon. Then the rain and wind returned with a high temperature of 56 deg. this afternoon.

2. Big Al was out of milk by the time breakfast was over, and I made a grocery order that I picked up in the middle of the afternoon. STILL no potatoes…

3. We had pork chops, cinnamon applesauce, Stovetop stuffing, and green beans for lunch.

4. The laundry is all washed, dried, sorted, delivered, folded and hung up. Hooray for washers and dryers!

5. We’re having Gazebo Group this evening in the Wellness Center. I don’t know how many people will go, because nobody is going to want to walk over with the rain blustering and blowing. It’s possible to drive over and park near the door.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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