Five things that made me happy today – 10/30/21

October air, complete with dancing leaves and sighing winds

Jaime Allison Parker

1. Mid 40s and breezy when I got up. We’ve reached the time of year when I get up in the dark and we have another week before we fall back. No higher than 52 this afternoon. Threatening colder overnight.

2. Right after breakfast I went over to the Wellness Center to do my exercise, so I wouldn’t have to feel guilty as I sat in front of the TV for Football Saturday.

3. The Ducks played Colorado at 12:30. They won handily 52-29. It’s nice to have a game that I don’t spend the whole time worrying.

4. I snacked on Nachos during the game, and after it was over I fixed Lloyd’s Barbecue Beef on buns.

5. The 4:00 pm games were Arizona v Southern Cal, and Oregon State v Cal. I alternated depending on the score and what looked good at the time I switched. The night games are UCLA v Utah, and Washington v Stanford. I’ll also channel hop through them.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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