Five things that made me happy today – 12/25/21

The things we yearn for – the end of racism and white supremacy, the end of poverty, the end of oppression, the end of addiction, the end of homelessness, the end of homo/transphobia, the end of all things that diminish and destroy – these don’t come magically. Thoughts and prayers don’t make these things happen. Justice comes when God’s people stop waiting and get to work turning themselves around. 

Debra Avery

1. Merry Christmas. It was 37 deg. and raining this morning when I got up and fixed my tea. We’ve had rain and snow showers all day. The high this afternoon is supposed to be the current temperature of 38 deg.

2. It’s a very low key Christmas again this year. We had breakfast (or should I say brunch) with scrambled eggs, bacon, and croissants. And we ate so much I’m glad we didn’t plan to pay big bucks at a fancy restaurant, because we wouldn’t have done it justice.

3. It was a very clothes oriented Christmas. Sweatshirts for me, and sweatpants and button-up shirts for Al. I also got at new Kindle (my old one was having a hard time holding a charge), and a “CupFone”.

4. We decided we wouldn’t plan to go out to dinner today, with COVID reappearing with a vengeance. We ate boiled shrimp, and wine, and cheese and crackers, and crudités through the afternoon. .

5. While we grazed we talked to both sons and their families, and my sisters, and Al’s sister and sister-in-law. We also watched Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church’s Christmas Music program on Facebook Live.

BONUS: This just in – the Central Washington Watters are almost to the Hampton Inn in Spokane where they will spend the night before putting my youngest granddaughter back on a plane to Birmingham. Thankfully her flight hasn’t been cancelled – YET. Fingers crossed.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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