Five things that made me happy today – 1/23/22

If one wanted a basic rule of thumb for dealing with the climate crisis, it would be: stop burning things.

Bill McKibben

1. It was in the mid 30s and foggy when I got up. It topped out at 40 deg. and even though the fog burned off before noon, it never was really sunny. Brrr.

2. We had a substitute preacher this morning since our regular interim is quarantining with COVID. She read the sermon Joyce was going to preach. It was entitled “Solomon’s Dream”. Remember we’re doing a series on dreams in the Bible. Solomon’s request to God for Wisdom was part of a dream. Because Solomon didn’t ask for riches or power, God gave him Wisdom, AND riches and power.

3. As soon as church was over, I went to Safeway to pick up the order that I finalized last night (see #4).

4. My complaints about always having to do all the meal planning did NOT fall on deaf ears. Last night, Big Al suggested that since I was picking up a Safeway order anyway, maybe I could add a rotisserie chicken to it. So I did, and we had chicken, hash brown potatoes, and Bush’s Baked Beans. AND he cooked the frozen hash browns and warmed up the beans while I was gone.

5. I had a nice afternoon in front of the fire, reading my Inspector Lynley, and later watching some more of Vera on AppleTV.

How about you? What made you happy today?