Five things that made me happy today – 2/5/22

When we enlarge our view of the world, we deepen our understanding of our own lives.

Yo-Yo Ma

1. It was 43 deg. with wet streets when I got up. There were drizzly showers until about 11:00, and then the sun came out for a while. High temperature this afternoon was 48 deg.

2. I read through my posts for the current date first thing every morning. In 2020, I was all excited to be planning my trip to Houston for the General Assembly Nominating Committee meeting. That was going to be a long train trip, and it was cancelled by COVID. Last year I was excited to be getting my second COVID shot on February 17th. How our lives have been upended…

3. Since it’s Saturday and there are always very few people at the Wellness Center on Saturdays, I went over early and got my steps out of the way.

4. I fixed PF Chang’s Chicken Fried Rice for lunch. It was okay – nothing special, but a nice lunch for the two of us.

5. I finished up my story on my blog for today. You can read it here.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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