Five things that made me happy today – 2/6/22

A disdain for history sets us adrift, and makes us victims of ignorance and denial. History lives in and through our bodies right now, and in every moment.

Resmaa Menakem

1. It was 40 deg. and foggy when I got up this morning. By the time we got home from the restaurant the sky was blue and the temperature got up to 48 deg. in the sun.

2. Church on YouTube Live this morning. Good sermon using texts from Daniel, including a lot of apocryphal imagery. Communion was good with my lemon cookie, but I was all out of wine and hadn’t been to the grocery store yet, so I made do with water.

3. If you, like me, are exhausted with COVID and all that goes with it, be sure to check out Nadia Bolz Weber’s sermon this morning. I really needed to hear this.

4. Al and I went to Pomodoro’s for lunch. I had lemon basil prawns over linguini, and Al had the special – salmon filet, with two prawns, over linguini. It was very good, and there was so much of it we couldn’t finish it all.

5. On the way home we stopped at Safeway to pick up the bread, wine, and cereal I had ordered. Alas, they were all out of my cereal, but I have enough to last a week or so. Hopefully, they’ll get another order by the time we run out of milk and I have to order again. I got the sheets and towels that I washed last week out of the dryer (at last), and delivered them to their owners to fold. I also got the recyclables out to the curb.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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