Five things that made me happy today – 3/5/22

I’ve always found it relaxing and rejuvenating to be outdoors, but the anxiety and isolation of the pandemic, the uncertainty of civil unrest and, oh, I don’t know, the potential crumbling of American democracy have made me crave nature like a drug

Sally Dingfelder

1. It was 41 deg. and cloudy this morning. The sun came out about noon and it got up to 51 deg.

2. The camellia bush outside my kitchen window is blooming with lots more buds. That’s the first time since we’ve moved here that it has had more than three blossoms. The landscapers insisted on pruning it at the wrong time of the year. But last year I guarded it to keep them away until the buds had a chance to set.

3. I finally got my story for today written. Check it out here. I hope you will enjoy it.

4. I fixed PF Changs Mongolian Barbecue and served it over some of the left-over noodles from last Sunday. Decent, but not my favorite.

5. I recently bought a new translation of the New Testament that my preacher introduced me to. It’s the First Nation’s Version – an Indigenous Translation of the New Testament. I got it on Amazon, and I’m really enjoying reading familiar scriptures that are culturally more relevant to the indigenous people of the United States.

How about you? What made you happy today.

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