Five things that made me happy today – 3/19/22

It’s not quite boredom; it’s not exactly melancholy either. It’s acedia: spiritual malaise, apathy, and a listlessness that’s somehow combined with restlessness.

MaryAnn McKibben Dana

1. It was 46 deg and drizzly early this morning. During breakfast the sun came out, and it’s been out all day – even though it never warmed up more than to the los 50s.

2. I had a good workout at the Wellness Center this morning. I was almost alone the whole time. There was one man who was there when I got there, but he left after about 10 minutes. Other than that I was by myself. (Ask me how this introvert liked that?)

3. I picked up a Whopper for Big Al and a KFC Spicy Chicken sandwich for me. The Spicy Chicken was pretty good, but they don’t have one with lettuce and tomato. I’d like it better with those.

4. I finally got my story for today written. Check it out here.

5. Basketball brackets continue to fall right and left. Al loves to watch the big dance, but it’s not really my stick. Oregon men are out, so I don’t have any dog in the fight.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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