Five things that made me happy today – 3/25/22

Life is so hard, how can we be anything but kind?

Sylvia Boorstein

1. It was mid 40s and cloudy when I got up. The watery sun came out early in the afternoon and the temperature got up to 58 deg. before sundown. More upper 50s and lower 60s are forecast for next week.

2. I think my internet is finally back to where it was before they “updated” it in the wee hours of Monday morning. I spent almost an hour on the phone with the technician at the company and he had me do exactly the same thing I had done twice before, but this time it worked. We shall see whether it stays fixed.

3. Bunnies have joined the raccoons, deer, squirrels and birds in my wildlife backyard. Spring is springing!

4. We had a Blue Apron meal – Sheet Pan Panko Chicken with Roasted Vegetables for lunch.

5. I was pleased that Arkansas beat Gonzaga in the basketball game yesterday. It was with a little bit of mixed emotions though, because Gonzaga is a Washington State favorite. WPS!!!

How about you? What made you happy today?

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