Five things that made me happy today – 4/4/22

It’s the quality of your close relationships that matters, not the quantity. 

Robert Waldinger

1. It was 48 deg and windy when I got up this morning after torrential rain in the night. It has been storming sporadically – blue skies one minute, wind and rain the next. The high was 48, just what it was when I got up.

2. The wind knocked out the power for about 45 min. this morning, but the network that had been giving me so much trouble came back without a whimper. Fingers crossed that it remains so.

3. Because I have an AT&T Hot Spot on my phone I was able to check mail, and check the local Facebook groups. I found out that the outage was not just at my house, and it relieved me no end.

4. Our Blue Apron dinner today was Orange Beef. Not too much chopping or prep work, thank goodness, since I was behind the eight ball due to the power being out.

5. After lunch we gathered up the trash and the glass recycling that’s picked up on Tuesday mornings. The wind came up again, and I looked out to see that the glass container had been upended and the jars where trying to make their escape down the hill. I gathered them up, and moved everything back up next to the garage, and called maintenance to alert them that they needed to come up there to pick up the garbage.

BONUS: Gazebo Group is on Zoom since the weather is so unsettled. I’m going to enjoy my glass of wine while we meet.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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