Five things that made me happy today – 4/16/22

Truth is of faith, hope, and love … truth is of grace, mercy, and peace … truth is a child laughing, a mother proud, a father pleased … truth is generosity, kindness, and welcome … 

Tom Eggebeen

1. The day started out at 40 deg, with clearing skies. The clearing was a figment of my imagination. By noon it had clouded up and started drizzling with the temperature only 43 deg. Then in the mid-afternoon it warmed up to 44 deg.

2. After dithering most of the morning, I decided I would take today off from writing my story. Sorry. I’ll write something on Wednesday – I promise.

3. We had leftover corn and ham chowder for lunch. I needed something hot and filling after going over to the Wellness Center and getting really cold on the way home.

4. The rhododendrons are blooming nicely this year, right on time, even though we’ve been much colder and wetter this spring.

5. I would love to go to brunch tomorrow and come home and watch the Easter Church service on YouTube. We shall see.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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