Five things that made me happy today – 5/5/22

What actually sustains us, what is fundamentally beautiful, is compassion–for yourself and for those around you. That kind of beauty inflames the heart and enchants the soul.


1. It was another dreary, drizzly 48 deg. morning when I got up. It rained all day long today, not hard, but steadily. The high was in the low 50s.

2. We made a run to the Commissary today. It seems like I didn’t buy much, but it should last to the middle of June at least, with Safeway pickups for milk, bread, eggs, etc.

3. We stopped at Bruno’s for lunch on the way home – I had my kielbasa with German potato salad, and cucumber salad, and Al had stuffed cabbage and cucumber salad.

4. When we first went in to the restaurant, I got what felt like a stray eyelash in my right eye (the one that had the cataract surgery last month). I had my eye drops with me and was able to put them in and cry the eyelash out, it felt like. As we were getting in the car to go home, the eyelash wandered out again, and I got Al to drive by the ophthalmologist on the way home. The doctor was able to see me, and he examined my eye with the diagnosis that, yes, I did have a stray eyelash. He got it out with a Q-tip, and I’m fine now. It scared me – a lot – because I was afraid I had rubbed it or scratched something just as my post-op period is ending.

5. We’re having Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour in the Wellness Center later today. It was scheduled for the Gazebo but the colder weather and rain chased us inside.

How about you? What made you happy today?