Five things that made me happy today – 10/11/22

I hate throwing out food! It’s not a saving if half of an item gets tossed in the garbage. 

Julie Ranson

1. Cool this morning when I got up – 48 deg. The smoke seems to be gone (for a while) – AQI of 32. Long may the on-shore flow blow! We got into the mid-60s this afternoon under beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine.

2. I went down to Trader Joe’s and got sausages, pepper and salt for my grinders, tangerines, and a couple of salads.

3. The housekeeper came while I was gone, and when I got home, she and I made my bed. The kitchen and bathrooms are scrubbed, the floors are vacuumed, and everything is dusted. It smells so nice and fresh.

4. Al’s and my new credit cards came today, and I activated them. Hopefully now I’ll quit getting notes saying the card was rejected because I hadn’t activated it. I don’t think they ever told a merchant that. I’m still not sure how to replace the card on my phone with the new one, but #2 son is coming over on Saturday, and I’m going to get him to straighten all that stuff out.

5. When I got home one of the residents who is a horticulturalist was talking to Al about the bushes in the front of the house. The camellia is getting too much water, and probably needs iron. The landscapers are supposed to come on Friday and trim the bushes next to the street.

How about you? What made you happy tod

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