Five things that made me happy today – 10/31/22

Do not fear silence, make peace with silence, for it is in the quiet moments that you will hear a message just for you. 

Nicky Morris

1. It was 51 deg at dawn this morning with rain. It was cloudy with a high of 52 deg this afternoon.

2. I managed to get my Intentions Review for October finished before breakfast.

3. I got two loads of clothes washed and one dried before I scurried down to Safeway to get my flu shot. I also picked up a couple of potatoes for lunch. I finished hanging up all the clean clothes right after lunch.

4. I hurried over to the Wellness Center, did a short stint on the NuStep, and met my personal trainer for my session with him.

5. We had bratwurst, cabbage-apple-onion sauté, and boiled potatoes for dinner. Quick and easy with the leftover veggies.

BONUS: We were treated to a Halloween Happy Hour, compliments of the staff. We had meat pies, hot out of the oven, and decorated cookies, with wine and soda.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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