Five things that made me happy today – 11/17/22

Gratefulness is a touchstone, offering us what we need not simply to survive difficult times but to appreciate them for their exquisite complexity, buried blessings, rich opportunities, and deep teachings.

Kristi Nelson

1. It was clear, breezy, and cold (38 deg.) when I got up this morning. The wind and sunshine continued all day. The temperature topped out at 51 degs. One of the maintenance guys came this afternoon and helped me bring in the wind chimes that were in danger of getting tangled in the wind.

2. I went to the Wellness Center about 11:00 this morning and while I was gone the man from the oxygen people came and took away the concentrator, and three bottles of oxygen. I am so glad to have them GONE from my house. I told Al he better not need them again.

3. When I got back from the Wellness Center we ran some more errands (you’d think after being gone all day yesterday, we would have finished). We went to the gas station and filled up the car, and then through the drive-through at the bank, because Al gets jumpy if he doesn’t have cash in his wallet. I can’t seem to convince him that a credit card works in 99% of the situations. Oh, well…

4. From there we went down to Trader Joe’s and I got my sausages and skim milk. The commissary only carries half-gallons and gallons, and I don’t use that much before it goes bad. There’s a Jimmy John’s next door to Trader Joe’s, so we picked up submarine sandwiches to bring home for lunch. I used to go to Jimmy John’s all the time in Dallas, but it’s not on one of my regular paths around town, so I forget about it. Very tasty.

5. We’re trying to work out transportation to and from the train station next week. I did check with the hotel in Portland and learned that they still have cabs there. In Tacoma, everybody uses Uber or Lyft, and the cabs have almost gone out of business.

How about you? What made you happy today?

1 thought on “Five things that made me happy today – 11/17/22

  1. Like your husband, I want cash in my purse. This all came about during Hurricane Katrina and I watched people fleeing for their lives. I decided right then, I would try to be prepared for any major catastrophe—keep the car’s gas yak filled, have cash on hand, keep all important papers in one place, easy to grab and run. So far, so good.

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