Five things that made me happy today – 11/18/22

The morning is the best time, there are no people around. My pleasant disposition likes the world with nobody in it. 

Georgia O’Keefe

1. It was 30 deg. when I got up and clear as a bell. The high this afternoon was 48 deg. and it felt pretty cold, even though the sun was out all day.

2. I went over to the Wellness Center around noon and got some cardio exercise before meeting with my personal trainer.

3. I scurried home without stopping to talk to anybody, because Al had to go get his hearing aids cleaned and serviced. He was having a hard time hearing with them. The folks that sold them to us have drop-in repairs from 1-2 pm, so he couldn’t be late. They fixed him up.

4. While he was gone, I fixed pork chops with applesauce, stovetop stuffing, and broccoli for me and cauliflower for Al.

5. We’re now waiting for one of the maintenance men to come over and (again) try to figure out where the water under the sink is coming from. I’m tired of this, but at least I’m not paying for a plumber to come out every time it happens.

How about you? What made you happy today?

30 Days of Thankfulness – 11/18/22

For the month of November, I’m going to continue with my habit of posting things I am thankful for. Thankfulness is different from happiness, and I don’t want to conflate the two.

Today I’m thankful for my husband of 57 years. We’ve had bad patches, good patches, and great patches during that time, but we’ve been faithful to each other and to our little family. Together we’ve raised two outstanding sons, who have married two outstanding women and have families of their own. Love wins.