Five things that made me happy today – 2/20/23

Justice is what love looks like in public. 

Cornel West

1. It was 46 deg and drizzling when I got up – the same temperature as when I went to bed last night. It’s windy and 47 deg now in the middle of the afternoon. We’re expecting high winds overnight and more rain.

2. I took a box of expired meds over to the nurse’s station so they could dispose of them properly. I also visited the temporary housing that we will be staying in and verified that we can put a carton of milk in the refrigerator, and checked on the size of the microwave. I think/hope it will do fine for the frozen stuff we have. I’ll probably have to shop every day or so, either in the freezer in the garage, or at the grocery store.

3. I had a good visit with #1 son while I was working out on the NuStep. Most of my steps taken care of for the day.

4. Ham, black-eyed peas, and broccoli for me, ham, hash brown potatoes, and lima beans for Al for lunch.

5. The tiny early daffodils outside the front door are finally just about ready to bloom. (The picture below is from several years ago. but I can dream,) I’ve been seeing pictures from other folks nearby who have them out, but mine haven’t been doing anything until now. The rhododendrons have large buds, and the camellia is going to have several flowers this year. I’m excited for spring to arrive.

BONUS: The laundry is done and we’re having Gazebo Group on Zoom because it’s super windy and cold.

How about you? What made you happy today?