Five things that made me happy today – 3/31/23

The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. 

Elizabeth Gilbert

1. It was 42 deg and cloudy with wet streets when I got up this morning. It’s been showery all day with the high temperature this afternoon of 47 deg.

2. The desk I’m using now was bought over 20 years ago, and is made out of press-wood. It has also been moved four or five times, and is basically falling apart. I’ve decided I don’t need shelf or drawer space any more, so I’ve ordered a modern computer table to replace it. It has good reviews on Amazon. I’m also exploring options for a new chair.

3. #2 son came to finish up a few little problems with the electronics. He helped bring Al’s turntable and CDs in from the garage, and reassured me that I would like the new “desk”.

4. We all went to Moctezuma’s for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the food and the company. He is doing a lot of traveling, so we take advantage of his company when we can get it. His wife is a jewel for not complaining about the amount of time he spends helping us.

5. I finally got my Intentions Review for March done. Just got it in under the wire…

How about you? What made you happy today?

Intentions Review for March 2023

My Star Word for this year is REJOICING.

I’ve been struggling with setting some intentions this year. After my heart attack on December 21, 2022, I realized that I really don’t know what I want for this year, or even for the rest of my life. At age 78-and-a-half, I could have another 20 years left, or I could easily not even have another year.

I’m tired of the pandemic, I’m tired of politics, I’m tired of pushing myself to DO SOMETHING. I’m ready to just let life happen and observe for a while. I’ll keep on writing my “5 Things”, and I’ll stick with my regular groups and activities, but I’m ready to find out why I’m REJOICING. Maybe I’ll try just REJOICING about my regular, ordinary life.

Therefore, I’m leaving the same general categories that I had last year, and I’ll use them as a wish list and fill in markers for a “diary” of events and activities.

Health and Fitness

  1. Recovery – I’m feeling fine after my heart attack.
    • I had a blood test in late February and my cholesterol numbers were exactly where they should have been all along.
    • I went to Cardiac Rehab early in March, and the nurse agreed that my personal trainer can do everything they would do, so I should keep on working with him. If I ever want to go to Cardiac Rehab my referral is good for a year.
  2. Exercise
    • I continue to work with my personal trainer on balance and strength.
    • I try to spend 55-60 minutes a day, five to six days a week on the NuStep.
  3. Diet – I’m trying to be much more proactive about the kinds of things I eat.
    • The dietitian who counseled me, said the same things the dietitian said when I lost the 70 lbs back in 2014. It was good to have a reminder.
    • Three fruits and two vegetables every day – limit red meat – eat more fish
    • Weight
      • I was keeping steady on the .9 lbs a month loss from last year until the latter half February. Living in temporary housing, and not being able to cook made March a total loss. In fact I gained a pound.
      • It’s an average of .7 lbs a month I’ve lost since May of 2022.

Friends and Community

  1. Gazebo Group – We meet regularly once a week
  2. Greisser Girls Gab – This is sacrosanct time for me
  3. Other Residents at Franke Tobey Jones
    • Lunch with Jett Brooks
    • There’s a new resident in the Duplexes that I haven’t met yet

Learning and Knowledge

  1. Great Decisions
    • January – we met and got our assignments for leading the discussions
    • February – Energy Security – There wasn’t much I didn’t know already, but it was nice to have a conversation about it.
    • March – War Crimes – We basically agreed that Russia’s actions in Ukraine are war crimes, and shortly before our meeting Putin was invited to explain himself at The Hague.
  2. Creative Writing Classes – None scheduled so far

Travel and Culture

  1. Visit Harriet (upstate New York) and/or Betty (Texarkana)
  2. Visit Kennewick and Bill’s Family
  3. Visit Chicago and Ray’s Family
  4. Visit Victoria, Canada

Hobbies and Creativity

  1. Reading
    • This Body of Death by Elizabeth George – finished
    • Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver – finished
    • A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean – reading
  2. Writing
    • I am still writing, but more sporadically.
  3. Blogging – 5 Things that Made Me Happy Today continues daily
  4. Memoir


  1. Bible Study – I attend regularly on Tuesday mornings – We are in Lent
  2. Bethany Presbyterian Church – I attend via You-Tube every Sunday
  3. PCUSA Nominating Committee – No meetings scheduled

Money and Finances

  1. Quit obsessing
    • I finished the 2022 taxes and sent the return off in early February
    • I planned very well last year, and owed $3.00 that will be deducted from my bank account on April 18.
  2. Keep Al informed – I try to let Al know where we stand.
    • Al may be eligible for the PACT Act. If so, it will increase his VA check to up to 100% disability.

Five things that made me happy today – 3/30/23

Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet. 


1. It was 42 deg and cloudy when I got up this morning. There was a thin line of red along the tops of the mountains. Somebody, somewhere had a beautiful sunrise, not hidden by clouds (but it wasn’t me). We had a lot of sun off and on through the rest of the day – high temperature of 53 deg.

2. I managed to get my desk sorted out where the unpackers had just stuffed things. I’m gradually getting the house back to where it should be. As I find things in the wrong place I pick them up and put them in the right place. I still need to sort out the bookcases in the hall, but that’s something for a rainy day. It’s a process…

3. Went to the Wellness Center and managed to get most of my steps for the day. I’m trying my best to get back into the routine I had before we went to the Cottage.

4. Today is Thursday, so it was Burger King day. Big Al had a Whopper Junior Meal, and I had a Whopper (no fries). I’ve gotten really bad about eating extra stuff, and I’m trying to stop.

5. I’ll be glad tomorrow when #2 son comes back and fixes a couple of things – I can’t connect with the AppleTV, the shelves in my room aren’t completely put together, etc.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 3/29/23

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love, then make that day count.

Steve Maraboli

1. It was 43 deg and partly cloudy when I got up this morning. It was a lovely, mostly sunny day culminating in 59 deg this afternoon.

2. Al and I tackled the boxes that were still in the living room that had DVDs and CDs in them. I also got my shadowbox repopulated with all the little things. Also a couple of things that had disappeared since we left the cottage have reappeared. I think almost everything is found. Still missing my earbuds, but I’m confident they will turn up in a pocket somewhere.

3. When I tried to make toast this morning, I found that the wiring on the outlets in the kitchen was still scrambled. A couple of maintenance men spent a couple of hours on it, but they eventually sorted it all out. Now my toaster and electric can opener work!

4. I fixed ham, instant mashed potatoes, and broccoli for me with red cabbage for Al. This is the first time I’ve fixed a real meal since the first of the month. It was very acceptable.

5. Three years ago, on this date, we held the first Greisser Girls’ Gab. We’ve had it on Sunday afternoons, Tuesday afternoons, and Thursday afternoons. Sometimes we all three make it, sometimes it’s only two of us. But it’s a highlight of my week. One of the perks from enforced isolation during COVID – reconnection with my far-flung family.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 3/28/23

What you are, the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world. 

J. Krishnamurti 

1. It was in the mid 40s and partly cloudy when I fixed my early morning tea. It’s been really windy, but the temperature was in the mid 50s this afternoon.

2. Right after breakfast I scooted down to Safeway and picked up eggs, some milk and Pepsi for Al.

3. There are still a couple of punch list things that need to be done – some strange wiring, etc. – but we’re beginning to be settled. I still need to populate my shadowbox, and Al needs to sort through the DVDs and put them in the order he wants them.

4. We had sandwiches from the Bistro for lunch – but we’ve got all the boxes unpacked, most of the pictures hung up, and most of the stuff put away. I also washed, dried, sorted, folded and hung everything up, so I won’t have to worry about laundry until next Monday. I may even cook lunch tomorrow.

5. We’ve called “Enough”, for today. I’m going to enjoy sitting with my feet up and a glass of wine and maybe a cookie, and visiting with the Greisser Girls.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 3/27/23

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. 

Albert Einstein

1. Low 30s and mostly cloudy when I got up. We ended up with a high of 54 deg, after sunshine most of the day.

2. #2 son and his assistant flew to Seattle for a conference this morning. They left Pasco at 6:10 am, and, after landing at SEA-TAC and renting a car, they drove down here arriving about 9:00 am. They moved the computers and some other stuff from the Cottage to the Duplex, and then spent a couple of hours putting the WiFi together.

3. Shortly after they arrived, the movers also arrived and to deliver the furniture. I spent most of the day directing which room, which stuff went in.

4. I went back to the Cottage and helped Al load the car, and gave him the job of watching the movers, while I met with my personal trainer.

5. The movers came back after lunch and unpacked all the boxes and took all the trash away. I’ve spent the afternoon sorting through stuff, making a path to my bed. I did get the sheets on my bed, and I’m ready to go sit in my recliner and watch the news. EXHAUSTED!!!

How about you? What made you happy today?