Five things that made me happy today – 3/11/23

The smallest surprise, received gratefully, yields a harvest of delight.


1. It was 38 deg and gloomy when I got up this morning. Alternating gloom and drizzle continued for the rest of the day, with a high temperature of 49 deg. “They” say the sun should come out about 5 pm – “they” are total optimists.

2. Al and I decided to go to Oddfellas for brunch today. We both had omelets – Denver for me, and Club for Al.

3. On the way back we stopped at the Duplex and brought home the Spray and Wash, because Al managed to drop a forkful of hash brown potatoes covered with catsup on his shirt.

4. I walked up to the Wellness Center and rode the NuStep for an hour. Most of my steps for the day are done and dusted.

5. Be sure to read my newest story – The Third Anniversary of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End of the Pandemic.

How about you? What made you happy today?

The Third Anniversary of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End of the Pandemic

I’ve been trying to remember – day by day – the beginning (the first meeting cancellation), the middle (the first vaccination and 2 weeks later when it was “probably” safe to go out), and now the end, as masking requirements are beginning to be lifted.

I’ve only partially digested everything that has happened and is happening – the deaths, the long COVID problems, the obsessive hand washing, etc. My siblings and their differing reactions, with strained relations relating to politics.

Through all that my husband was in the hospital twice (for unrelated lung problems), and I had a heart attack and was in the hospital for three days.

I lost an unbelievable amount of ground with my personal training, but I also lost some weight. I’m beginning to get my strength back.

For Thanksgiving this year, my husband and I actually travelled on the train (fully masked) and spent two nights in a hotel, with dinner at Fogo de Ciao. I had dreamed and planned several cross country trips to meetings and visits to family during the last three years.

My sisters and I have a standing weekly Zoom call. We’re emotionally closer than we’ve been in years. My brother, who was estranged from us early in the lockdown, still doesn’t agree politically. but the four of us have decided that family is more important. As one blogger friend said, “… the desire to hold fast to the hard and beautiful reality that we are not alone, burned. And in some ridiculously obnoxiously imperfect human ways, we loved.”

I’ve found I prefer Google Meet Bible study to in-person (my introversion is satisfied). I generally like You-Tube church services, and I love “real wine” and a lemon Oreo cookie for Communion.

Safeway grocery pick-up is a boon.

I’m settling in to a hybrid life, and it’s not so bad. Masks when I’m in unfamiliar situations, otherwise, trusting my neighbors and friends to stay home if they’re sick.

I wrote this in response to a post from MaryAnn McKibben Dana. She ended her thoughts better than I could. “There was no V-E Day. Pandemics peter out, a decrescendo, not a cymbal crash. So we didn’t get the catharsis we needed. But maybe that’s OK too.”