Five things that made me happy today – 3/14/23

Imagine looking at the world today and thinking drag shows are the problem.  

Tim Babb

1. It was 36 deg when I got up – back in the 30s – (sigh). It warmed up nicely, and the high today was 50 deg (finally).

2. We were out early to go to the commissary and pick up stuff that’s not readily available at Safeway. I got several new iterations of frozen breakfast to try out.

3. We stopped by the Duplex and left a lot of stuff in the freezer that I can retrieve as we need it. We also talked to the painter and he assures us that he will be finished with the last of the woodwork by the end of the week. They will install the carpet next week, and then they’ll have a week to clean and bring the furniture back, so we can move back NLT Friday, the 31st of March. If they can keep to that schedule, I’ll say they did great – out on March 1st, and back in on March 31st.

4. After Burger King for lunch, I ran down to the Proctor District and signed the signature card for the church account. The woman who is the treasurer will on vacation in Italy, so someone needed to be available to sign checks while she’s gone. I used to do it all the time because I live close enough to go by easily and regularly.

5. Greisser Girls will be kicking off in just a few minutes…

How about you? What made you happy today?