Five things that made me happy today – 3/20/23

There are always things within our power, even if what’s in our power is rest, self-kindness, and nothing more. 

MaryAnne McKibben Dana

1. It was 45 deg with wet streets when I got up on this first day of Spring. The weather was “changeable” alternating sunshine and clouds with occasional drizzle. The high temperature should be 53 deg later this afternoon.

2. I drove over to the duplex and retrieved a couple of TV dinners for our lunch. I had a Lean Cuisine Roast Turkey, and Al had a Boston Market Salisbury Steak with macaroni and cheese.

3. There were no parking places in the Bistro/Wellness Center parking lot, so I brought lunch back to the cottage, and then just hung around for a while. I was able to do the NYT Crossword Puzzle while I waited for time to go back for my workout.

4. I made it up to the Wellness Center in time for my appointment with my personal trainer and had a good workout. I still need to drive back over to the Duplex to retrieve a package that should have been delivered today.

5. I’ll plan on walking back up to the Wellness Center in time to ride the NuStep before it’s time for Gazebo Group.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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