Five things that made me happy today – 4/6/23

Every good team counts on its utility players, its third line, its bench. Not everyone below the peak level represents a failure to reach the top.

Carolyn Hax

1. It was 45 deg and drizzly early this morning. We had drizzly rain all day long today with a high temperature of 52 deg.

2. I spent a hour at the Wellness Center this noon, getting my steps for the day. There was hardly anybody there. Lots of folks must be going somewhere else for Easter/Passover/Ramadan.

3. Whoppers for lunch today.

4. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon getting rid of all the papers and folders that had taken up residence in the shelves of my desk. My new desk/computer table came today and it’s waiting in its box for me (or Bill) to put it together.

5. The deer are prowling through the yard. They look so bedraggled and wet. I feel sorry for them because they have nowhere to go to get out of the rain, and this time of year it’s slim pickings for growing things to graze on.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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